Our Team

Meet the Brewistas

Our incredible team of employees, a.k.a. “Brewistas” pour their heart into creating delicious drinks, making casual conversation, and carrying out transactions while serving smiles across the counter. We take pride and joy in employing individuals with IDD, and they enjoy every opportunity to get to know you, too.

Albert, 25

Daniel, 22

Donna, 31



Miles, 18

Collin, 19

Tori, 21

Jessica, 27

Kim, 60


Meet the Management

Our highly motivated and dedicated Café Manager and Assistant Managers oversee the daily operations of our Café. They work hard to provide any necessary guidance to the Brewistas as they serve our community and make meaningful connections.

Izzy, Café Manager

Tori, Assistant Manager

Meet the Board

BrewAble is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board delegates the management of the café to the Café Manager, who hires and manages our Assistant Managers and Brewista team. The role of our board of directors is to establish the mission, values, operations plan, as well as short and long term goals. The board establishes the policies and procedures of BrewAble, and oversees the stewardship of endowments and regular income of BrewAble. The Café Manager and Assistant Managers oversee the daily operations of BrewAble Café.

2021 Board

  • Nicky Rudd, President
  • Joan Herbig, Treasurer
  • Shannon Pezolt, Secretary
  • Jeanette Dummer
  • Kristin Hendricks with Marshall Jones
  • Laura Jesseph
  • Fran Rissland